JOON Festival 16 June 2018 @ Dummer Down Farm.
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A music festival that uplifts the emotions, amplifies the experiences, and promises to offer an awe-inspiring musical journey with friends and families through great musicians.

Outdoor Festival



Raving Fans

The Incredible Line Up


A well known band from Nepal, Albatross’s jubilance at winning thousand of hearts through their superhit classic rock is always palpable. To name a few of those record high numbers are Timi Bhane (farki farki), Khase ka Tara and the more recent Nischal etc.


KUTUMBA is a Nepali folk instrumental ensemble committed to the research, preservation and celebration of the diversity that exists in indigenous Nepali music. The word ‘Kutumba’ holds a special meaning in the Nepali language. It stands for a unique bond amongst community members.

Bipul Chettri and The Travelling Band

Impeccably talented band, Bipul Chettri and the Travelling band is definitely one of a kind. Uplifting Nepali Folk Music with a contemporary touch, which is simply outstanding and reminds you of the Himalayas and love at its purest form.

Edge Band

Unquestionably proficient at performing through playful high and low notes of their Vocal range. The Edge Band is a Nepalese Rock band who are exceptionally captivating to listen to. They have countless songs with soul-stirring lyrics and exemplary music that meets no boundaries.


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      BFEST and Parcha are collaborating to bring you an awesome and epic event this summer 2017.
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      Sameer: 07426499007
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      Kapil : 07515117920
      Nawal : 07482209452
      Pras : 07872 622119

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